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This site was originally launched in 2005, and has been out of action for some time due to the continuous efforts of hackers. I’m not sure if hackers just stumbled across the site, or if there were people determined to stop me writing my sometimes controversial views!

I’ve been using Betfair and betting systems since 2001. Over that time I’ve tested thousands of betting strategies and followed hundreds of betting tipsters. Over 90% of what’s available has no logical basis and is guaranteed to lose rather than make money.

My main interests are in horse racing systems, greyhound systems and football betting strategies. Many people are surprise to hear that I have no real interest in sport, and only use it as a way to make money. If you have an emotional involvement it can affect your judgement, so I see my lack of interest as a benefit.

What’s the Best Betfair Betting System?

That’s the question which motivated me to start this site, and to start offering free betting system reviews. New systems appear every week, and it’s a minefield for anyone just starting out. In spite of the claims made by those selling most of these betting guides, very few will actually make money. They are often written by people who know nothing at all about horse racing or the sports they claim to make a full time income from.

Sadly, many people are just looking for a get rich quick scheme. It’s a fact that it is possible to make money from horse racing and other sports, but it takes time and effort. Using a proven betting system developed by an expert is a shortcut, but it still takes investment in time. Anyone blindly following a strategy without understanding the logic behind it is on the path to failure.

The betting products which I get most annoyed about are the back-tested strategies. I believe statisticians refer to their basis as ‘the cluster effect.’ Here’s an example -

39% of jockeys wearing red shirts for races at Windsor win compared to only 12% wearing green shirts. Therefore, back jockeys wearing red.

Clearly this is just a coincidence, and down to the fact that more jockeys wear red than green. It takes no account of the horse they are riding, the type of race, conditions etc. It may seem like a joke, but I’ve seen worse systems than this over the years.

Fortunately, there are a number of experts out there who will share their experience with you and offer great products. Jonathan Burgess is on such expert, and his betting guides have been my ‘Bibles’ over the past few years. Jonathan is widely accepted as one of the greatest horse racing experts in the UK. His guides take time to read, but there are none better if you really want to know how to make consistent profits from racing.

My first recommendation then is Jonathan’s Race Specialist.

Race Specialist offers real insight and detail into the world of racing, and if you’re serious about the subject there’s no better guide available. The guide is about making money from laying horses (ie betting that they will lose), and goes into depth about staking plans, money management and dealing with losses. This gets 10/10 from me, and you can download a copy from the link below -

Click Here!

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