The Best Betfair Betting Systems of All Time!

OK this post is going to be a real challenge, but I keep getting asked the same question.

“What’s the best Betfair betting system of all time?”

Of course if you asked a dozen betting experts you’d get a dozen different answers. Some prefer backing systems, others like laying systems, some prefer trading on Betfair. I’ve tried them all over the past decade, and this list will be my personal list of the best Betfair systems I’ve ever used.

1) Race Specialist

Written by one of Betfair’s own accredited trainer’s, Race Specialist is the Bible when it comes to horse race laying systems. You can’t really call it a ‘system,’ as it doesn’t give a specific set of rules to follow. What it does do is explain in depth how to identify horses the market fancies but which really have little chance of winning.

Some critics of Race Specialist say its too complicated, but if you want to make money horse racing you have to be prepared to study the subject. If you’re serious about racing you need to read this guide.

You can pick up a copy from the link below.
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2) Greyhound Lay Pro

This is one of my own systems, and it’s based on a system my uncle has used for many years. It’s by far and away the best way to make money laying greyhounds I’ve ever known. If you ‘Google’ the name you’ll find independent reviews proving how profitable it can be.

I’ve had runs of 24 winners using Greyhound Lay Pro, and it’s as profitable today as it was ten years ago. It’s actually very easy to follow, and don’t need any interest in or knowledge of greyhound betting to make money from it.

You can download Greyhound Lay Pro here -

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Do you need a Staking Plan to Make Money on Betfair?

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There’s an old argument that a winning betting system should be able to make a profit without the need for a staking plan. In my view, it depends on the type of system and your attitude to risk.

My own Greyhound Lay Pro is one of the most consistent ways to make money on Betfair that I’ve ever developed, but I know some people use staking plans with it. The worst kind of staking plan – and one that will always eventually wipe out your betting bank – is doubling after a loss. I’ve read countless roulette betting systems where this is the suggested approach, but it can only ever end in disaster. Imagine you bet £2 on black to win, and red comes up. So you bet £4, and red comes up again… Before you know it, you’re betting £64 to win your initial stake back, then £128…!

If you’re determined to make money on Betfair it helps to at least understand how staking plans can be used. I often operate the strategy of using 5% of my betting bank for each bet with a backing system for Betfair. So with a £500 bank, my first bet is £25. If I lose, the next stake reduces to £23.75 (5% of £475). For a betting system with a good strike rate, this gives a very good ‘buffer’ to absorb a run of losses.

A criticism of the ’5% of betting bank’ is often ‘But that won’t make me a fortune unless I have a huge bank!’ My response is that if you really want to make money on Betfair, you have to have patience and be methodical. Betting and gambling are almost two different things in my mind. Can you make money betting? Yes I believe you can – in fact I know you can! But if you’re an out and out gambler, you’ll eventually come unstuck. Even if you have a proven, winning betting system, you’ll eventually be tempted to go outside the system for ‘one last bet today’ or act on a hunch.

Betting with a % of your bank is a sensible approach. As well as meaning you can take a run of losses, it’s a good way of testing a system. If you are using a dud system, you’re likely to realise that before you’ve lost a large chunk of your bank.

The old ‘KISS’ (Keep It Simple Stupid) is often the way to go when trying to make money betting, so beware any overly complex staking systems. Mathematicians and greater minds than mine have struggled with this question for decades, but I’ve yet to see an advanced system that really stands the test of time.

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Greyhound Betting – To Back or Lay?

Greyhound betting systems have several advantages over horse racing systems in my view. Firstly, there are only 6 runners to consider if you are looking at form and technical data. Secondly, races run most of the day so there are plenty of betting opportunities.

There are all sorts of weird and ways to bet on greyhounds, but the many variations can be broadly categorised as backing or laying systems.

Greyhound Backing System

A backing system is simply trying to pick the fastest dog, in the hope it will win its race. There’s a lot of data on which to base your decision, including the dog’s recent track times and places. Of course you can’t just look at one dog, you need to view the race as a whole. If you spot a dog that’s improving with faster track times, it’s no use if there are others in the field with the same improving trend. A common mistake is to not take account of race class. A dog doing well but moving up a class may suddenly come 5th or 6th when faced with stiffer competition.

Greyhound Laying System

A laying system – like my own Greyhound Lay Pro – tries to pick dogs likely to lose their race. As well as looking at the dog’s performance, there’s value in noting which traps are having winning and losing trends. Spotting a loser may seem easy as you effectively have 5 dogs running for you! However, the liability can be high, so it’s important to have (1) a consistently winning greyhound betting system and (2) a liability cap to stop those killer losses.

I do spend a lot of my betting time trading nowadays, and that’s really not an option with greyhound betting. The short races and fact they are back to back makes it an exciting sport to bet on. Of course it’s not much fun if you are constantly losing!